Which Coffee Grind Should You Choose?

If you want to get maximum pleasure from every single cup of coffee you brew, you need to find the right coffee grind for your chosen coffee maker. 

Choose correctly and you will achieve an outstandingly rich and delicious coffee every single time.

Get it wrong, and even the highest quality gourmet coffee bean grown on the slopes of a volcano could end up tasting no better than a bowl of dishwater. Disappointing isn’t even the word!

So, let us give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about coffee grinds. We’ll talk about everything from which grind size you should choose to whether grinding your own coffee is really a good idea.


Why Does the Size of Your Coffee Grind Matter?

To understand why your choice of coffee grind matters, we must go back to the basics.

Making coffee involves passing water through the beans to extract the flavour. The more water you can get through the beans, the stronger the resulting cup of coffee will be. Both the grind size and your chosen brewing method will affect how this process.

Too coarse a grind and water will not be absorbed effectively. Too fine and you might get flavours you dislike or end up with a cloudy, gritty cup of coffee.

By choosing the right grind to match your coffee brewing method, you are much more likely to get a great cup you can enjoy.


What Grind Sizes Do We Sell? 

In addition to offering whole beans when you purchase coffee from Bean Around Town at Home, we offer seven different grinds that you can select from so that you have the right grind type for your specific coffee maker.

1.     Extra Coarse Grind (e.g. Cold Brew) 

These are very large peppercorn-sized chunks of coffee beans approximately the size of peppercorns. They are the best choice when making cold brew coffee because their size aids filtration and provides the best flavour.

2.     Coarse Grind (e.g. French Press) 

If you are using a French Press, coarse grinds are your best bet. About the same size as chunky sea salt, they allow for perfect brewing without making your coffee either too weak or too strong.  Because of the coarse grind you need to allow the coffee to extract for a longer time – about 4 minutes.

3.     Medium-Coarse Grind (e.g. Clever Drippers)

For clever drippers, you’ll need to choose a medium coarse grind that maximizes the flavour without allowing it to become overpowering. This grind is approximately the size of grains of sand.

4.     Medium Grind (e.g. Drip Coffee)

The slightly rough, sea salt sized medium grind is excellent for coffee brewed through a thicker filter such as drip coffee. It is the most versatile type of coffee, making it a popular choice for grocery stores.  A pour over with a fast flow may also work with this grind.

5.     Medium-Fine Grind (e.g. AeroPress)

Finer than a medium ground coffee but chunkier than the type you would use for making espresso, this coffee works best when using a pour over (with a slow flow), AeroPress or siphon. Too fine and the filter would clog, too coarse and it would lack flavour.

6.     Fine Grounds (e.g. Moka Pots & Espresso)

For those that love their Moka pots and espresso machines, finely ground coffee is the ultimate option. Because of the pressurized brewing method, the water will be in contact with the coffee for less time so needs to pack a flavourful punch. This grind is around the size of table salt.

7. Super Fine Grinds (e.g. Turkish)

A super fine ground coffee looks a lot like powdered sugar and is the only choice when making the deep, rich, fantastic cup of Turkish coffee.

Does A Finer Grind Make Stronger Coffee?

Usually, the finer the grind, the stronger your cup of coffee will be. Having said that, it does depend on the brewing method you choose. A fine grind will work great if you are using a Moka pot or a pour over, but could just result in a heavy, cloudy mess if you use a French Press.

Is It Better to Grind Your Own Coffee?

Grinding your own coffee gives you the freedom to choose the best grind for your needs, This works great if you want to use a variety of brewing methods and it also tends to give a fresher, more flavourful result.

Bear in mind though that you will need to use a good grinder if you want to release maximum flavour from the beans.



Before you indulge in a cup of your favourite coffee, make sure you have the correct grind for your coffee maker.  If you have a question on your particular coffee maker please reach out and we will tap our coffee roasters for the best advice available.


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