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Decaf Coffee - Cinnamon, nutmeg spice and no caffeine!

Taste  honey sweet, peppery smooth

Aroma  cinnamon/nutmeg spice

Body  dense, clean body

Source  Mexico, 800-1200 masl, FTO,

Notes: Decaf drinkers stand tall and proud! Really, you deserve to be celebrated. You love coffee so much you want to drink it all day and you know how to avoid those nasty jitters. You also know your coffee, demanding a clean, smooth, flavourful cup. Many of my drinkers cut their favourite brew with decaf, or save this for a soothing evening drink to ease them into slumber.

Regardless of when you drink decaf, always make sure it is either Swiss Water or Mountain Water processed – no chemicals are used in the decaffeinating process. This particular brew is Mountain Water Processed; the beans are steamed and caffeine is extracted using a water based saturated solution of solid soluble obtained from the coffee beans. The beans are then triple trough dried and polished. Taste the care.

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