About Us

Bean Around Town is owned and operated by Ed Hemphill, an Ottawa entrepreneur with a passion for beautiful coffee.

A financial planner and wealth advisor by background, Ed moved to Paris in 2011 with his family, taking a sabbatical from his investment practice. He wasn't a coffee drinker when he arrived–but Paris changed all that. Returning to Ottawa in 2013, Ed said goodbye to the investment world and turned his energies to bringing a European coffee experience to Ottawa businesses and workplaces, founding Bean Around Town.

With a growing number of businesses on board by 2020 and more people working remotely than ever before, Bean Around Town began expanding its offerings to home-based coffee lovers.

Joy in a Box

Whether you order a single shipment, a gift box or a subscription, you get multiple roasters from a single convenient source—all carefully chosen for flavour and freshness. Like our offerings for businesses, our home-delivery selections are all fair-trade, organic and local.

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