Eco-Friendly Coffee

Helping You Help the Planet

Bean Around Town specializes in bringing eco-friendly coffee to Ottawa homes and businesses. We’re proud to be environmentally friendly while providing the best possible experience to our customers.

Why choose fair-trade, organic and local coffees?

  • Keeps pesticides out of ecosystems and your body
  • Ensures farmers are paid fairly for their work
  • Supports sustainable farming practices
  • Guarantees freshness—locally roasted is as fresh as it gets!
  • You get only the highest-quality coffee

Are you a home-based customer?

  • We only work with local roasters. This reduces our shipping footprint and supports your neighbourhood businesses.
  • We focus on organic, fairly traded coffees. Good for ecosystems, good for farmers.
  • We use environmentally friendly, fully compostable or recyclable packaging.

Are you a business customer?

  • Our coffee machines do not use capsules or K-cups.
  • We remove and compost the coffee grounds each week.
  • We place no waste or packaging in your garbage.
  • We use bulk packaging and recycle all materials.
  • We provide organic sugar and wooden stir sticks, where needed.
  • Our machines eliminate the need for plastic milk/creamer pods.
  • Our machines enter an automatic energy-savings mode when not in use.

How We Can Help

Bean Around Town provides environmentally friendly office coffee service. 

Local, Fairtrade

We use organic and fairtrade coffee beans from Ottawa's finest coffee roasters.


We remove and compost the coffee grinds created in our client's offices.