Our Local Ottawa Coffee Roasters

We deliver coffee from great local roasters chosen for their reputation for quality,  focus on organic, fairly-traded beans and community. Want to know more? Read on!

Brown Bag Coffee Roasters (BBCR) 

BBCR is a roastery located on the foothills of the Gatineau Park that utilizes fluid bed roasting technology. This allows us to dial in every coffee's unique flavour profiles and characteristics while at the same time maintaining a clean and carcinogen free roast chamber.

BBCR was founded by Shann Bosnell who previously worked in the tech world for a long time. During those years, he would often roast coffee for family and friends and when he finally decided to leave the tech industry, Brown Bag Coffee Roasters was conceived. Starting off with a small 1lb machine, he quickly grew the brand with the help of his family who are still active members of the company (wife and two daughters). The dynamic crew set their minds and hearts to the task of bringing specialty grade coffee to second wave drinkers with a thirdwave approach of ethically sourced coffee roasted and packed and sold with the environment and community in mind.

The team has since added another member to the crew, in the form of a trained barista, Christiaan, who is now the Head of roasting and operations at BBCR. Through trial and tribulation, BBCR has taken the Gatineau and Ottawa region by storm and claimed the Th3rdwave Award for Best Roaster in the Ottawa/Gatineau Region for 2020.

Snark Bean

Snark is a small-batch coffee roaster with a caffeine-fueled passion for bringing out the very best flavours from the worlds different coffee growing regions.  Based out of Arnprior, Kim strives to pick the best organic coffee beans available.  The passion in every roast is to produce a coffee so noteworthy it will stop you in your tracks.  Creating a moment of pause, just for you. It’s in those moments Snark “fuels your attitude” and you realize everything feels truly possible.

Kim Berry has over a decade of roasting experience, beginning her roasting career as one of the original co-owners of Neat Café in Burnstown. She left the venture in 2014, though her thirst for coffee endured. As a result, Snark (Sustainable, Network, Artisan, Roasted Koffee) was born. Kim wanted to continue her tradition of small-batch, fluid-bed and artisan roasting. Taste the experience.

Bridgehead Coffee is a fair-trade coffeehouse chain based in Ottawa that works with small-scale farmers to deliver exceptional coffees. Bridgehead also goes out of its way to support neighbourhood organizations through donations and in-kind gifts. In a typical year, it supports more than 700 organizations. Bridgehead offers more than a dozen different roasts—from classics like French Roast and Sumatran Dark to true originals like Logdriver Espresso, Bytown Boom and DR Congo: Women of Kivu.

Francesco’s Coffee Company is an award-winning artisan coffee roastery in Ottawa that specializes in roast-to-order coffee service to discerning clientele. Francesco’s prides itself on pushing the boundaries of coffee roasting wisdom to yield a selection of unique, freshly roasted blends with distinct and elegant flavour profiles. It offers a full range of fair-trade coffees. Its Cremosa espresso blend is wildly popular, and it also offers a unique Peaberry City Roast from Tanzania along with a variety of other innovative regional blends.

Bluebarn Coffee Roasters is a Wakefield-based roaster that focuses on sourcing amazing and unique coffees ethically and sustainably. Bluebarn believes that from seasonal single origins to carefully crafted blends, each coffee has a unique story to tell. It offers two different espressos plus a Sugarcane decaf and a range of other coffees named after the farms where they originate, such as Finca Buena Vista or Finca Los Pinos. Roasts are variously described as having tasting notes that include white peach, hibiscus, vanilla, chocolate, marzipan, caramel, gingerbread, apricot and more.