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Snark Dark - Our darkest viscous side!

Taste  smoky, bittersweet, lingers very well with no bitter aftertaste

Aroma  smoky

Body viscous and smooth

Source  Sumatra, Honduras, Guatemala blend

Notes  Coffee that kicks in before reality does. Like Hemingway’s whiskey; warm, smooth and mean.  This cup has viscous and smoky flavours overlaid with a degree of bitter sweetness.  It plays successfully on the thin line of getting the perfect dark roast without burning off all the residual sugar.

Which is what a dark roast coffee should be about. You want something still voluminous, something sharp that stings you a bit down the center of the tongue. Something you can taste 20 minutes later and think, "Yeah, that was a gooooood cup of coffee." This blend delivers. Intensely rich, there is nothing subtle about this coffee. But let’s face it; some mornings are just not made for subtle. Excellent brewed or as an espresso.

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