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Mexico - French Roast - True French Roast

Taste: This is a rich, dark French roast without a hint of bitterness.
Aromas: Dried apricots and chocolate with a hint of smoke
Body: Medium bold
Source of coffee beans: Coatepecs, Mexico. Grown at 1,200 metres’ altitude.

If you love a French roast, you’ll appreciate the excellent, creamy, rich flavour of this one. Francesco’s roasting process adds bold, caramelized tones to an exceptional coffee with absolutely no bitters. The result is a gently fruity complexity punctuated by hints of cocoa. Expect the decadent aroma that only coffee grown at altitude can deliver.

Francesco’s takes great care not to “burn” or over-caramelize the natural sugars in the bean when processing its French roast. This maniacal devotion to precision enhances the origin’s natural flavours alongside those of the roast itself.

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